Budget Insurance home insurance

Budget Insurance home insurance

We know what you’re thinking. Ashton Kutcher looks nothing like Charlie Sheen, but also how home insurance should be cheaper. That’s why Budget Insurance home insurance cuts the cost and not the cover, helping your premiums to lose a bit of that holiday weight and fit back into your budget.

Budget Insurance home insurance is buildings insurance, which covers the actual structure of the home and outbuildings. (For the movable possessions within the home, check out their home contents insurance.) This covers the structure from loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, storms, floods and earthquakes, even though we don’t get them in South Africa.

What is included in the policy is not just the structure of the home, but fixtures such as geysers, driveways, swimming pools and some other unmovable possessions on the property.

Should your geyser burst or overflow, it is covered under your policy. More than just protection from natural disasters though, Budget Insurance Brokers protect your home from impact with movable items such as cars, falling trees and animals, as well as malicious or intentional damage. They also provide:

Should the property you own be occupied by a tenant who has to vacate the premises as a result of fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes, malicious damage, and moving vehicles, trees and animals, then Budget Insurance Brokers home insurance will pay out the rent that you lose from the tenant. (Note: this is not landlord insurance for tenants who default on payments.)

You are also covered should you require, rent.

That is, if your home is uninhabitable as a result of the above mentioned damage, your insurance policy covers rent to relocate elsewhere while reconstruction begins.

If your home is a very bad home and injures others, the legal and medical fees are covered under this policy too. This covers third parties (which includes anyone living in the home or anyone who visits you) as well as domestic employees who may be injured on the job.

Budget Insurance home insurance also includes the cost to remove rubble, fire brigade charges, television aerials, power supplies and professional fees, for example, plumbers and electricians.

For more information on their home insurance policy, visit their policy book.

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