How Much DHA One Should Take Daily Varies Person to Person Fast, Easy Weight Loss

How Much DHA One Should Take Daily Varies Person to Person  Fast, Easy Weight Loss

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How Much DHA One Should Take Daily Varies Person to Person

You probably won’t like hearing this, but there is no concrete answer to the question: how much DHA should one take daily?

First, if you eat a very healthy diet, you may already be getting a good amount of omega 3 fats and, in particular, DHA omega 3 fats. If you eat a typical Western diet, then you’re going to need more DHA in the form of supplementation.

Also, even if you’re trying to determine your total daily intake combined — meaning what you should get from both diet and supplements — that’s going to be very hard to figure out because a lot of DHA rich foods won’t tell you how much it contains.

For example, some of the best sources of omega 3, of which DHA is the most important, are: fatty fish types and grassfed meats. Vegetables and plant matter like cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, mustard seeds, etc., provide omega 3 in the form of ALA. You’re not going to buy 2 filets of salmon at the market and see a DHA breakdown per serving. And then it also depends if it’s farm raised of wild caught, which will dramatically change its DHA composition.

Unless you are eating a lot of healthy foods like grassfed meats and wild caught fatty fish, which are both rich in omega 3 DHA, you’re not going to be getting enough of this vital fat. These foods, although healthy and delicious, are very expensive. Typical cuts of grassfed steak, for example, providing only 12 to 14 ounces of meat, and typically cost between 13 to 20 dollars per steak, depending on the cut of meat.

Therefore, what I do is take a purified fish oil supplement every day that is rich in DHA. It is the absolute best source of omega 3’s and DHA because all contaminants are removed thru molecular distillation. I also get the exact breakdown between DHA and EPA omega 3 with each soft gel. And a full month’s supply of omega 3’s costs approximately $16 dollars, which is amazing when you consider that you would only get one grassfed steak — one meal — for the same price.

Purified fish oils offer hands down the best omega 3 health value, dollar for dollar, anywhere. I take 2 grams of fish oils per day (2,000mg), of which 520 mg of that is DHA. This is the equivalent of 2 soft gel capsules per day for the particular product I take, but of course will differ from one brand to another. The one I take is produced from Hoki, a fatty species of fish that lives natively in the deep, cold ocean waters off of the southern coast of New Zealand. This fish species is one of the highest in DHA omega 3.

Many natural health experts recommend 1 to 3 grams of omega 3 fatty acids per day, so I stay right in the middle, but depending on if you have any preexisting health condition, or family history of one, like heart disease or diabetes or arthritis, you may need more or less than this range. So, ultimately, the question: how much DHA should one take daily will depend on a variety of factors like your diet, the current state of your health, and even your age.

It’s a good idea to talk to a doctor. Or you can do what I did and visit the doctor run website,, which will educate you further on DHA and how to pick a quality supplement.

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How Much DHA One Should Take Daily Varies Person to Person

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