Slow Down Aging With Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Slow Down Aging With Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Silent inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer and dementia. It is a condition that occurs when the body’s natural immune system malfunctions. Silent inflammation is inflammation that is without pain because it’s at such a low level. It can continue undetected for years, speeding up the aging process and continually damaging your heart, arteries and even the brain – without you being aware of it.

According to Dr. Barry Sears, author of bestselling books “The Zone,” a high carbohydrate diet is the culprit to this kind of unhealthy situation. In his book “The Anti-inflammation Zone”, he proposes taking of high dose, ultra-refined fish oil supplements as the best protection against silent inflammation and the effects of age.

The Japanese are known for longevity and they avoid silent inflammation by consuming a diet high in fish. However, because of the possible contamination of mercury, dioxins and PCBs, consuming massive amounts of fish is not the best way to get the proper level of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. Fish oil supplements contain healthy fatty acids that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It has no long-term side effects and because it improves the functioning of your brain, can even make you smarter.

High-dose fish oil supplements are so effective because they reduce arachodonic acid (AA), the building block of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids. The EPA/DHA fatty acids found in fish oil supplements partially inhibits the activity of the delta-5 desaturase enzyme that produces AA. The primary anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil is that it achieves a significant impact on AA production, and doing this takes a significant quantity of EPA. A high-dose fish oil supplement, especially rich in EPA/DHA fatty acids has been proven successful in reducing silent inflammation as reflected in the reduction of the AA/EPA ratio.
Within 30 days of beginning supplementation, you will see improvements in your levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The benefits of fish oil as a dietary supplement is supported by many comprehensive clinical studies of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, immunological and inflammatory diseases, and neurological conditions like attention deficit disorder, depression, multiple sclerosis and various forms of dementia.

When taking fish oil as a dietary supplement, Dr. Barry Sears cautions that you ensure that the supplements you choose are ultra-refined. Use the Silent Inflammation Profile (SIP) as guidance for the dosage that’s right for you. On a scale of 1 to 10 for supplements, Dr. Sears give high-dose fish oil a 12. A proper combination of controlling the production of insulin through diet and taking high-dose pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplements may be the true miracle cure for the 21st century.

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